Gas Station Full Service CarWash

Gas Station Full Service CarWash

The Problem

The cost of labor is one of the largest drivers of expenses in the carwash industry.  As a full-service hand wash carwash they have employees both inside the tunnel and outside to finish drying and detailing the washed cars.  They needed a way to reduce the amount of labor required in the tunnel and find a way to reduce the cost of labor overall.  They also needed a way to move cars through the tunnel faster since that was their main bottleneck in servicing more cars and increasing revenue.


ACES is the exclusive representative for the territory and we received a recommendation from Sonny’s.


After analyzing both the site and carwash process Colima was using, we found that a top brush combo unit, which cleans the vehicle without any human interaction, was the best solution to substantially reduce labor costs and move cars through at a faster pace. The unit removed two employees out of the tunnel and increased the travel speed of cars going through the tunnel by 30%.  It saved close to $80,000 in the first year alone and as labor costs grow, the savings will become even more substantial over time, and is now currently a pure profit driver for the business. Profits were increased by 10% and the owner didn’t need to have any involvement in the project.  We were even able to tie in his older equipment with the new controller, with which most service companies have a very difficult time doing.  But with our knowledge, contacts, and expertise garnered over the years, the project took less than 30 days to complete.


Not only were labor costs reduced and profit increased, but the increase in speed through the tunnel enhanced Colima’s ability to meet demand during the busier parts of the day, creating a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience for their customers.  The wash consistency was also improved since a machine is now performing the task instead of a human.  With the increased efficiency and consistency chemical and water usage were also reduced by 10%, further increasing profits and reducing the environmental footprint of the carwash. Colima is now also using ACES to further upgrade his older equipment, which will result in increased savings, profits, and an improved experience for their customers.

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