American Carwash Equipment Solutions™ distributes tunnel equipment for Sonny’s, and other high end carwash equipment manufactures. In addition we offer a complete line of support equipment. With this ultimate combination, ACES is clearly the best source for all your carwash equipment. ACES also offers many exclusive benefits including:

  • Originated National Carwash Installation Standard (NCIS)™
  • Zero Downtime Installation™
  • Professional Rollers to Blowers Tunnel Evaluation™
  • WCA Membership Specials
  • Exclusive Carwash Equipment Finance Network
  • Zero Down Payment Programs



American Carwash Equipment Solutions™ is one of the largest distributors of central vacuum systems.

We currently distribute for Vacutech Central Vacuum Systems. Vacutech designs and manufactures a complete product line for central vacuum cleaning systems and mobile vacuum products for the commercial, industrial, medical, dental and vehicle care industries.

Vacutech prides itself in working closely with its customers and surpassing its competition in quality, performance, reliability, value and customer service.  All products are manufactured in the USA.


Point of Sale

American Carwash Equipment Solutions™ knows the right Point of Sale systems that fit your carwash needs.

We use systems that are designed to grow with you and provide access to critical information about your products and services at your fingertips. These systems track your best sellers and busiest hours, and once you have sales data you will know more than ever before about your business. Learn what makes you money and what you can do better.

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