We’re a “One-Stop-Shop”

  • Maximize Profits: 7 Decades of Experience working tirelessly for your success
  • Turn Key Solutions: We help you locate, entitle & develop, operate and market
  • Equipment Solutions : Largest companies in the carwash world are your manufacturing partners helping you select and install & maintain the right equipment using our proprietary system of Rollers to Blowers™
  • A FREE Education: Sonny’s CarWash College

American Carwash Equipment Solutions

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The Right Equipment because Downtime Costs Money

  • Fast Service: 24/7 365 day, 4-hour max response time, certified and licensed technicians
  • National Carwash Installation Standard™ compliant
  • Experience: 70+ years to do it right and fast
  • Multiple Manufactures & Extensive Product Lines: including the Largest Manufactures in the USA and Exclusive Territory with Sonny’s, The CarWash Factory

Our Partner

Carwash Development Services

Building Your Carwash Enterprise

  • Market Knowledge and Understanding
  • Support Services Developers
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Finance Options

American Carwash Equipment Solutions

Interested in working with us? CALL US AT  844-223-9274


Building Your Carwash Enterprise

  • Red-tape: Cut-through it as fast as possible
  • Max Profits: Systems Setup to produce the highest dollar per car
  • Reliability: The right equipment, service expertise, and knowledge

Leverage our Unique Relationships

  • Sonny's, The CarWash Factory: Exclusive distributor for all of Southern California
  • Lender Recommendations: Exclusive finance programs designed for carwashes
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We Are Right For YOU!

We can help with your Carwash needs:

  • Family Owned Multi-Generational
  • Franchise Chain
  • Private Equity Firm or Public Company

See Our Equipment In Action

Carwash Business Case Study 1

Carwash Business Case Study 2

Carwash Business Case Study 3